Two Feet
A gold-certified American singer, songwriter, and producer from New York City will perform in Zagreb!

8 July 2024 — Zagreb, Croatia @ Tvornica Kulture

Two Feet

Tickets are on sale now!
Zachary William "Bill" Dess used to play locally in jazz and blues ensembles before forming Two Feet. For most of Two Feet's career, he has bristled against the constraints of traditional pop songwriting, the critic-approved respectability of the album format and the handed-down expectations of what a song should sound like. His bluesy, bass-heavy first single Go Fuck Yourself has no bridge and no hook, but has earned almost half a billion streams to date and reached number 36 on the US Hot Rock Songs chart.
Two Feet - I Feel Like I'm Drowning
Two Feet - You?
Two Feet’s first single of the year Falling to Pieces is slated to come out this March, and then he will perform in Zagreb to immerse all the beauty of his work.